Passing javascript global variable to Angular2 (Typescript)

This content refers to angular2 version 2.0.0-beta.8. If it does not work for you probably because of breaking change in the future updates.

There are a couple ways to do this but I would basically mention only 2 approach.

The first approach, simply add declare var in component that you need to use.

In javascript code, declare variable in global scope:

var func = function() { … }

In Angular2, in the component that need to refer to javascript variable simply declare the same variable with the same name.

declare var func:Function;

This is the easiest way to archive the need but not the most efficient way. It looks like to be a magic variable in the component and is a great enemy of unit testing.

Since dependency injection (DI) pattern is one of the core concept of the  Angular2 (and AngularJS) and we should comply that 🙂

The second approach, import and inject from javascript to Angular2.

In javascript code, declare variable in global scope:

var func = function() { … }

at import statement which normally in the main html page. Passing func variable to the main function of main module.

.then((module) => module.main(func));

Update main.ts TypeScript file. Wrap Angular2 bootstrap with a main function which accept a parameter from import statement above. Inject func variable using provide feature.

import {provide} from ‘angular2/core’;


export function main(func) {
bootstrap(AppComponent, [
//…providers and services
provide(‘func’, { useValue: func})

In AppComponent that bootstrap from main.ts, inject func variable to constructor and use as needed. For more information about @Inject decorator please refer to this screencast tutorial –

export class AppComponent {
constructor(@Inject(‘func’) func:Function) {
// use func variable as needed

Now you have access to javascript variable and retain dependency injection concept and of course no magic variable!



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